Our No Damage Guarantee

Our No Damage Guarantee

No matter how confident we are in the care and diligence of our removalists, we cannot rule out accidents. That is why we have a No Damage Guarantee!

  • If we damage your furniture, we will repair it.*
  • In addition, we are insured up to $100,000 per consignment.

* NB glass can’t be covered by our guarantee or our insurance policy.

Put simply: We damage it, we fix it! Conditions apply. Maximum claim $500

Movers Online No Damage Guarantee Conditions:

  • You must make sure someone over the age of 18 is on site at all times.
  • Any damage must be documented before our removalists leave the job.
  • Our insurance & No Damage Guarantee does not cover anything deemed risky. Risky work may involve handling furniture over balconies, craning furniture into apartments, manoeuvring heavy items like piano’s up & down stairs, steep or dangerous driveways, or hazardous construction sites. If you require our men to perform difficult or risky work, you will need to have your own damage insurance in place.
  • Small breakable items must be packed into proper removal boxes. Rule of thumb: Anything that fits in a box should be in a box! Glass or items that are brittle by nature are not covered. Brittle items include terracotta pots, ceramics, fish tanks, leadlights etc. These items must be bubble wrapped or packed.
  • Electrical goods, washing machines, fridges, PCs etc are only covered actual physical damage to the outer casing occurred.
  • Items in pairs or sets are only covered to the value of the one item that is damaged.
  • All furniture and effects must be properly ‘prepared’ for transport. Paintings, Prints & Mirrors must be bubble wrapped.
  • Boxes packed by the owner are not covered for damage unless there is actual physical damage to the carton.
  • Maximum claim $500