City and Apartment Movers

We are Inner city apartment specialists.

We have small & medium size trucks for inner city apartment relocations where access is often difficult, especially for large moving trucks.

Low clearance car park access.

We have vans & utes to use as ferry vehicles for buildings with low clearance or long carries thru underground car parks.
We will look at your new apartment prior to moving day to ensure the right trucks & equipment are allocated to ensure a smooth move.


Cage trolley’s & Crates on skates are major time savers!

We can provide cage trolley’s & crates on skates for apartments with long carries.
Ideal for all those small bits & bobs that don’t fit into standard size boxes.


Surplus furniture.

We can transport surplus furniture to relatives, charities, schools or the recycling centres located at Brisbane’s transfer stations.

We offer a 20% transport discount for surplus furniture donated to charities, schools & the tip shop.



Feel free to give us a call to discuss your apartment move.