I am a self confessed “Serial Mover”.


I have moved 13 times since I’ve been married – 3 of them major interstate moves.  I have carted kids, dogs, cats, birds and huge amounts of furniture and stuff from one end of Australia to another and back – and back ..  and back .. and so on.  I have lots of moving tips, things that can make your move easier – less stressful – and much more efficient but I’ll bore you with those another day.


Today I want to talk about “Women Friendly” moving.


A few weeks ago I had a service man call to my house. Any of you that know me know my love for my dogs – and how important they are to me . As the large man stood in the middle of my home office my small dog walked past and sniffed his leg. He then said to me  “I’d advise you to lock that dog away – if it draws blood I won’t be impressed!” Of course he was well within his rights to request, but – the scene became suddenly very unpleasant. I did lock the dog away – as per his request – and then was alone in my house with him.


As a company we strive to always make our clients feel safe and happy when we are in your home (as happy as one can be on moving day!).  At no time should women feel vulnerable and unfortunately moving house can make one feel very exposed – for one thing you need to be present and secondly, you probably have no place else to go until the move is completed! – thirdly, you will be exhausted.


  1. Jacquie says:

    We have used your removal service many times and would just like to thank you all for your professional and helpful manner.
    Even though moving is a REAL pain in the neck, Movers Online make the job painless.
    I would recommend this company to anyone.
    Very professional indeed.
    Thanks Guys

  2. Josef says:

    Love you work guys. Professional, Fast and Gentle.
    No hesitations at all to recommend you.
    Great job

  3. Josef says:

    Awesome …. Wouldn’t choose anyone else .
    Been using Movers Online for years.

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